Saturday, 17 March 2012

Craftsy, I love you!

At the time I became a student of ESMOD Japan I lived in Tokyo for only 10 months and my Japanese was far from perfect (in fact it still is). After my first lesson I was crying in the school's toilet because I could not understand what the teacher was saying not could I express even half of what I wanted to say. But I said to myself that this can be a chance not only to improve my Japanese but also to improve my sewing using additional methods: books & online. That's how I met ;)

Craftsy is a great addition to my ESMOD classes and I have quickly learned so much techniques!

I love Craftsy lessons because the lessons are taught by experts. You can watch videos as many times as you want. I like the idea to post questions, take notes and interact with teachers and the community. All teachers are answer questions within 24 hours. In fact, lots of additional information to the lesson you can find in Q&A's.

I started with the bombshell dress. The lesson is taught by Gretchen Hirsch, expert in vintage sewing techniques. Her blog is another great addition to my sewing education.

When launched the couture dress with Susan Khalje I immediately enrolled.  

We've just started creating the dress at school  and I even applied some couture techniques to my red princess seam dress from the previous post! When you pay for this lesson you also receive  VOGUE dress pattern. 
Pattern is declined into several variation. 

Next stop was another lesson with Gretchen: Starlet Suit Jacked.  The pattern was drafted by Gretchen exclusively for Craftsy. To be honest, I am not sure this particular style would be flattering to my figure, but since we are going to make a jacket during the second year in ESMOD I can pick up and apply some techniques to it as well. 

Do you know What sewing lessons have you enrolled into? Care about share your results?

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