Thursday, 22 March 2012

What's in the wardrobe?

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Seems like today eco-fashion is in vogue. Both designers and consumers are becoming eco-conscious. Today people buy and make recycled fashion. The number of women who make their own clothes is increasing every day. But...we are facing the same daily dilemma: "nothing to wear".

My eco-fashion chapter started last year, when I made a bet with my boyfriend to spend 6 months without buying clothes. I was only allowed to buy leg-wear and underwear and make my own. By then I was already making my own clothes, but I needed a good reason to reduce the habit of filling my closet with useless stuff.

The first month was difficult. After month #2 passing by shops without going in became natural. I did not feel the urge to justify apparel shopping. After months #4 I did not even want to buy a thing. Today, after a year and a bit, I shop very rarely. Last year I probably bought altogether 10 pieces of clothes (including underwear). This year I got 3 pairs of tights! What a good girl!

Another contribution to my eco-fashion life style was a resolution to learn how to wear kimono. To me kimono represents the most elegant, casual, sexy, feminine (all in one) garment and is probably one of the most eco-friendly piece of clothes. If you own only one kimono and three obi-belts you own three different garments, they say. Of course, there is always the issue of the kimono price that can go up to tens thousands of dollars, but the one in my closet cost a humble $150.

Do you consider yourself eco-conscious when it comes to your wardrobe?

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