Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nice surprises

Waiting for the spring to come any day soon, I started working on the summer short sleeved dress from Pattern Runway.  Excited by the patterns, I wanted to cut the fabric without preparing the muslin. But the voice of reason told me "Cut the muslin!" Few weeks ago when I was reading a discussion on Tilly's blog about the cost of sewing. Somebody suggested to use old sheets/curtains instead of muslin to break the cost of the garment down. Another person mentioned using cheap fashion fabric in case the muslin garments fits from the first attempt.  I decided to adapt the tip and used cheap batik as a muslin.

The photos were taken late in the evening, sorry for the bad lighting.

Bodice back detail

At the end, the voice of reason was right: the bodice of the muslin turned out to be a cute summer top! This batik is so light! Will be perfect for the hot and humid Tokyo summer.

Overall I spent about 1.5 hours on muslin. I ended up cutting XS size for the bodice and S size for the skirt. The only change made to the pattern was the lengthening of the bodice by 7cm.
In couple of days I'll show you the finished dress which is a part of my Spring/Summer palette challenge.


  1. OooooOOh! Great muslin! It turns out a nice top. I also buy cheap fabric and make muslins-garments. I think that, I always want to wear the stuff I sew... I haven´t patience!

    1. It's the first time I made a "wearable muslin". Even though I don't like making muslin, I had some bad experiences in the past, lots of wasted fabric and time :(

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