Sunday, 6 May 2012

Chicken or egg, or the lessons learnt.

Fabric or pattern? That is the question.... Which one do you buy first?

Are you also tortured every time you pass by a fabric store or browse the Net, and see a fabric/pattern you like but doesn't really suit to the pattern/fabric you already own? In most cases I buy fabric & patterns because I like them. But if I don't change my attitude I'll end up with a wardrobe full of useless fabric!

Heres is a "chicken or egg" example. I bought these three beautiful fabrics in the picture below right (silk and chiffon) in India on a business trip two years ago. In the fabric shop, I was so overwhelmed by gorgeous silks, cottons and eyelets that I bought random yardage hoping that one day I will use it for a nice project. Two years later, the fabrics are still here. Only yesterday I started a jumpsuit from the black polka dot silk, based on the pattern from this Japanese sewing book. But then - OH GOD! I did not have enough fabric for the jumpsuit but only for pants :(

Angry, I left home for more fabric shopping in the hope of finding similar silk to finish the jumpsuit. But of course, they had everything but black polka dot silk. Still, I did not come home empty-handed, but with all these lovely colors in my Yuzawaya bag!!!!!!!!!

The God of sewing gave me reasons to add more fabrics to my stash!

Reason #1: "The yellow woolen blend will work for this pants pattern; 2.30m!"
Reason #2: "The fuchsia fabric will make pretty shorts: only 1.30m !"

By the way, those colors are such a perfect match for my Spring&Summer 2012 palette challenge.

Both patterns are from the May edition of Burda Style magazine. Not available online :( Sorry!
A little accident happened though... I saw Nani Iro! How could I resist? The God of sewing helped me again.

Reason #3: "4m of Star Fog knit collection for the summer dress".

And it IS actually transforming into the summer dress! I've cut all of the pieces & serged the edges. It will be ready tomorrow ;) The color is not at all like something I would usually wear, but I decided to give it a try. 

April Burda Style magazine. Not available online ;(

Listening to the voice of reason, I will try to use my stash more effectively and stop buying fabric for the sake of it.

So what do you buy first: pattern or fabric? Do you choose fabric to match your pattern? How do you manage your fabric stash?  Do you also make a "I-stop-buying-tons-of-fabric"resolution?


  1. I don't buy fabric until I finish a pattern and am ready to sew a project. It's hard to resist temptation sometimes but the wait helps me think about what type of fabric I really want.

    1. Oh dear! I hope to be stronger in the future!

  2. For me, the process of sewing is one thing, but also the process of planning something out of a combination of fabric and pattern is greater thing in sewing. In addition, feeling and looking at texture and pattern of fabrics is also exciting and relaxing time for me. As the result of these combination, I have accumulated a big amount....

    By the way, a crafty meet-up at Anjin Cafe sounds very interesting so when you have one, I'd like to join there! I am not sure I (a beginner, no education of sewing, etc.) could be a good member of the meeting, but at least I could show you some of my collection of old sewing magazines (yes, I have already collected some!).

    1. I like to plan too. But when I cannot stop buying fabric! Going to make it my be-later New Year's resolution.

      Oh, there is no meet-up per se. But I think we can start a mini craft club of something :) Most importantly, we'll be able to drink that delicious hot chocolate from Anjin Cafe ;)