Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I am back

Hi everybody! I am back! Between you and me, I fell in love with Israel and did not want to come back. But (sigh) some obligations are waiting for me in Tokyo.I can't help sharing some of the photos I've taken. Sorry if they are too many. 

Neve Tsedek neighborhood in Tel Aviv

Many old buildings in Neve Tsedek are now occupied by designer shops or restaurants
You'll find many restaurants like this in Jaffa's flee market area

And, of course, this trip won't be successful without visiting fabric stores. Go to Nahalat Benyamin market, it can easily beat New York's fabric district!

You have guessed: this shop sells buttons
 My second favorite place after streets with fabric was Carmel market. You'll understand why.

2012 is a year of Art in Israel. You'll find pianos standing here and there around Tel Aviv and absolutely everybody can play! Good for the neighbors, they are locked during the night.

I confess, I bought 2 funky pieces of fabric. But how would you resist being? Besides everything was so cheap!

Now I am running to my sewing room after 3 weeks without sewing! I'll be back soon with new garments!

Do you also buy fabric when travelling?


  1. Not too many photos at all! I love all of them! Israel seems like such a cool place to visit!

    1. If not for the 14-hours flight, I'd go there more often.

  2. <3 your photos and we agree on the favorite TLV places! It was so great to see you again :)

    1. Glad I met your expectations of the favorite places ;) X

  3. I haven't been to Israel, but this article just made me really want to be there.
    It looks so lovely! Also these fabric shops in your pictures look so attractive with a lot of colors and the feeling of wholesaler's market. I love the starfish fabric for future bikini.

    >Do you also buy fabric when travelling?

    Why not? Every time I am in some other countries, though mostly on business, I tried to find out some fabric and/or notions stores or market. Just looking around makes me happy and it is great once you can find something to buy!

    1. You are right: these fabric shops were originally wholesale ones. Now, B2B shops have slightly relocated off the main street. But you can bargain in these shops!