Monday, 25 June 2012

Why I started sewing?

Yesterday I spotted this cute jersey black dress (on the left) @ All Saints sale. But, seriously, I am not paying $200 for a dress on sale which I can make myself for, at least, half the price. The Burdastyle  sheath dress pattern (on the right) offers slightly different neckline (which, on my opinion, is even more flattering), but overall looks as good as All Saints'.

That's one of the reasons why I started sewing! And you? 


  1. If I factor in all the upfront costs of machines, lessons, and miscellaneous tools I'm not sure I can say that I'm saving money by sewing but that was never a goal. I started sewing so that I could make myself original garments that fit me and not some idealized figure.

  2. Pretty much the same reason - and the best bit is you can do it in the colour/pattern you like. Hoorah!

  3. LOL - Thank you for adding the classic Japanese-English phrase, "And you?"! Thank made my giggle.
    I've always like making things... but I started making clothing this year because I was inspired by all the sewing blogs out there! I like stepping outside popular fashion, and having unique things that I've made myself.

    1. Hmm I don't know what language I speak anymore :( To start with, I need to brush up my English (not my mother tongue)

  4. I love the creativity involved. Also, it's the only way I can be sure I'm not contributing to enslavement/ bonded labour.

    I found your blog today and I'm loving it. I've got your feed in Reader now so I'll be seeing you around!

  5. I started sewing because I couldn't find anything that fit me, and that wasn't so much fun when you're a late teenager, which just put me off on even trying on any clothes. After 2 kids I'm a lot slimmer and can wear almost all the clothes at the store, in Sweden that is, now we live in Asia too so... I'm fat again. haha. But seriously - it's a lot of FUN! And I love the patterns from Colette and Sewaholic among others, but cheap? Don't think so.. Not if you count in your machines, supplies, all that shelf-warming-fabric, thread, gadgets, books, patterns etc.

    A couple of weeks ago I saw a tv-documentary about the textile industry in India and Bangladesh, that was horrible! and looking at all the clothes made for example in Sweden - majority is from there! I'm shocked. It just makes me want to sew my own and my familys clothes even more.

    /Agneta a.k.a 包太太