Saturday, 2 February 2013

Danni Dolman Dress revisited

This time, the Danni Dolman dress from Style Arc is made from a gorgeous panel knit jersey from Tesutti Fabric.  I decided to cut the fabric so that the bodice remains less print heavy. Needless to say, the girl in the picture is pretty happy with the end result!

Last week, I made a muslin out of another piece of knit jersey. A couple of modifications that I carried over to the dress: I added 10cm to both the skirt and the sleeves. 

Being slightly heavier than the muslin fabric, the Tesutti fabric drapes much better and has a better stretch. 

The little flowers on the top create such a gentle touch! I put on several necklaces to see how it'd look, but none of them went really well with the dress. 

This fabric was sitting in my stash for several months waiting for the perfect project: the Danni dress. I would put it on for work/party/after-party! I would wear it all year long with different tights, bangles, scarves and earrings. I intentionally avoided the back seam featured in the pattern. If it were closer-fitting, I would not like it as much. But maybe with your critical eye you think otherwise?

Quick-project-therapy did its job and I am ready to go back to my UFO! *SIGH*


  1. Gorgeous! Love your work!

  2. Gorgeous. Your pattern placement is just perfect!! I love that the bottom part is flower heavy and agree that you don't need a necklace with this dress because the soft flowers are feature enough.

  3. It fits perfectly. I too, generally avoid back seams in knits - just shave off a bit from the sides instead.. XD

  4. Fits great and the placement make it very cool.

  5. Ah! This looks great! I love the way you used the paneled fabric!

  6. Como mola la tela!!! Es super bonita!!! Te queda muy bien el vestido y por cierto las botas??? Son preciosas, me gustan :-)

  7. Panel placement win! I love the sleeves on this. Too awesome!