Sunday, 14 April 2013

More jackets

All of the students in the sewing seminar with Susan Khalje were asked to work with one pattern: V7975. I'll spare you my ranting about Vogue Patterns. Instead, I'll share some more varieties of jackets and fabrics which others used for this project. It's incredible how differently each of us interpreted the idea of a classic French jacket!

I loved this royal blue! Unfortunately, I did not take the photo of her lining, it was so McQueenesque!

This student used the same fabric as the lady in royal blue. I loved the combination of pastels in this one.

Crazy Cavalli silk charmeuse. 

A very classical take on a jacket. Won't it go with all possible colors?

Everybody in the class was jealous of his ombre charmeuse. My camera did not reproduce the exact colors: it went from fuchsia to pale mustard.

Classic fabric and great execution!

The girl with Cavalli lining was brave enough to challenge herself to copy this fabulous jacket not one but two times: one in navy and one in bright red. I know that she's still working on them but I am sure her jackets are going to be terrific!

I'll leave you with these images on and will be back with more details on the jackets. 


  1. Inna, so happy to see these pictures, it was a great week and I will say it again, your jacket is simply spectacular!! It's so incredibly "you" and yet still "Chanel", as for the girl who took on two jackets....she's regretting it!!

  2. Oh dear girl with two jackets! I am more than sure that you won't give up and soon the world will admire your craftsmanship!

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