Sunday, 23 June 2013

Purple & Pink sundress

For the last two weeks Tokyo has been crying because of the rainy season, and only in the past couple of days did we have some sun and no raindrops were falling on my head. The rainy season is my least favorite time of the year in Japan, bringing with it smelly public transport, grumpy looks and a high humidity leve. All in all, it does not inspire you to wear something pretty. But today, because the sun was trying to shine, I bring you my new flowery summer dress!

This dress comes from the March Burda issue, the most interesting of 2013 thus far in my opinion. I have been craving to make this dress since I saw it in the preview!

Looking at other projects based on this pattern that I found on the Internet, some people decided to keep the back completely open and some opted for a closed back, but I chose something in the middle. To avoid feeling completely naked, I drafted a princess seam back. Having worn my tweed bustier, a few times, I have decided to keep on sewing garments with an open back and shoulders to try to overcome my complex of not-so-perfect-posture. But actually I've noticed that wearing my bustier I control my posture better.

Both the dress and the lining are made of silk habutai that I purchased at Tomato (Nippori Textile Town) three years ago. The project is 50% sewn by hand due to the delicate nature of the fabric. On no account did I want to distort the seams or giving the fabric too much stress by machine sewing.

As a rule of thumb, I always attach strips of silk organza to the neckline, armholes and zipper. The stays reinforce the fabric and prevent it from stretching.

Another sewing technique, which constantly comes in handy, is prick stitching. For this dress I used prick stitches to attach the zip and under-stitch the lining to the fashion fabric around the neckline and armholes.

Prick stitches view of the  back of the zipper
My fabric is so delicate that even prick stitches left some little traces. You can see it from the pictures below. Luckily, they are not visible when you look from a distance.
Lapped zipper + tiny prick stitches
It took me 1.5 hours to hand-sew the hem!  The hem is nice and wide and, the most importantly, you can't see the stitches! Yay!

And last but not least, are the cups! At first, I sandwiched them between the lining and fashion fabric, but when I put the dress on, you could see the cups from the front. My seam-ripper, which was calmly sitting inside a sewing box, was called into action! Then, I attached the cups to the lining from the inside. It does not show through, nor does it feel uncomfortable. I like it!

Another challenge for this project was taking photos! Since my other half has moved to London already for the last couple of weeks, I found myself without a photographer. I had to buy a tripod and became my own paparazzi, taking lots of silly pictures.

The pictures for this post were taken at the parking lot near my house. It took me some time to get used to setting up the tripod and then running in front of the camera. I guess the passers-by were quite entertained :)

This tripod was a bargain on, they have some sort of promotion for this model, SLIK F740. Instead of $125 I paid only $30! Besides having everything I need to take photos, this tripod is super light! If I wanted to, I could put it in my hand-bag! :) (Maybe not!)

Do you have somebody to take your photos? If you take photos of yourself, what are the tips you would share with me for my next "photo shoot"?


  1. Silvia - Sewing Princess25 June 2013 at 21:56

    just lost my previous comment... love the fabric you chose and the pattern. very flattering on you

  2. Wow that fabric is so delicate! I love the softness of the colours. Such a happy, swirly summer dress. I hope you get lots of wear from it - it suits you wonderfully!!

  3. Maider_Masustak27 June 2013 at 09:52

    Wow Inna, the dress looks great on you!!!!!!!! It suits you perfectly. I love the fabric, it´s super cute! I have never attached any cup, was it easy?

  4. Attaching the cups was super duper easy! :)