Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bikini yellow as summer

Which colour do you associate with summer? For me, it's yellow! Like the sun or sand, sunflowers and daisies. Therefore, I did not think twice when selecting a piece of lycra/spandex mix fabric for my very first bikini.

During the last few weeks,  I've had had plenty of reasons to be down which I will skip for now, so I ranted about my troubles to a friend who lives in Kuala Lumpur. Being a very optimistic and always positive person, he said, Why won't you come over and forget about your problems for a while?

He didn't have to ask me twice - without a second's hesitation I purchased tickets! Ten days spent enjoying crazy KL, historical Melaka  and a remote tropical resort on Langkawi island added some sweetness to my bitter situation...

... as well as champaign brunches!

Hang on, I am loosing the main topic of my post - the bikini!

I started by drafting a pattern from an old bikinis. I made two muslins,  adding some design modification, but the prototype did not turn out successfully and I had only one night left before the flight. My mission was clear: I could not leave my apartment without a new bikini.

Since there is always an easier solution to a problem I combined the BurdaStyle bustier #127 01/2012 and a copy of a my older bikini bottoms.

The top is fully lined with self fabric and added cups, but I should have skipped them because even as small as they are, they make the whole top part look HUGE and unrealistic ;-)

So, the bottoms are a copy of my old bikini and it took me no time to clone and sew them. It consists of three parts: front, back and le crotch. The front and the crotch were lined, then attached to the back part.

Next, I cut a 4cm strip of fabric and attached along the edges with a double zig zag.

The final step was to sew both sides together and add a waistband, consisting of a 7cm piece folded in two. I attached it as I would do a regular waistband, sewing one end of the band to the wrong side of the garment and stitching in the ditch from the right side.

I am happy with the new bikini but I would make some changes for the next version such as removing cups and adding a hook to the bra. Since the current top piece is in the shape of bandeau, I had troubles taking it off when it was wet

Working with four-way stretch fabric was new and challenging but I would like to sew more with it. After I finish my self-drafted bikini, I am tempted to make a pair of leggigns. Now, when I live all by myself (because my wonderful creature has already moved to London) my evenings are 100% dedicated to sewing. Luckily, we have not shipped our stuff yet!

I guess you all made a bikini or a swimsuit this summer?


  1. Awww, i'm sorry things have been rough lately! Moving is always tough, and worse when your partner goes off and leaves you to do the packing! ;) I hope everything works out or you, whatever it is. Love your bikini!

  2. Инна, все будет хорошо! Дурацкое выражение, но иногда помогает:)) Купальник не шью, у меня уже один купленный лежит 2 года с лейблом, так как купаться негде:))

  3. What a fabulous way to shoo the troubles away,at least for a while. I love your bikini. It looks great on and the cups don't look weird - although I can relate as the cups in my bombshell are a bit odd. Love, love the colour. Did you use elastic at all or just the fabric for the leg openings? Great to see you sipping champs with your gorgeous summer dress as well!!

  4. Cirque Du Bebe17 July 2013 at 01:29

    WOW!! Go you! Great post, loved the back ground information...wish I had a friend who could just invite me over to some exotic location on a whim. Back to the bikini, it looks unbelievably awesome on you. Great color, I could never wear it but it works for you!

  5. Thanks dear Gillian! I am afraid that with the brand new UK immigration law I will land in some random EU country which is much friendlier towards foreigners! Other than that, moving is fun!

  6. I did use a transparent elastic for the leg opening! As for the cups, for this particular model they are not very practical - they move a lot. At the end of the day, I don't mind that my nipples show through, this is vacation and not a job interview :)

  7. If Japan is a country exotic enough for you, you are very welcome to come over and escape Australian colds!

  8. Yay! You're back! Let's find an excuse to use that cute new bikini while you're still in Japan this summer! xo~

  9. peaprincessalice18 July 2013 at 08:47

    I love your bikini and you look fantastic in it! Yellow suits you.

    I am in the uk, in the home counties, about 45 mins from London. I am ashamed to say I know nothing of the new immigration laws. As far as I'm concerned, you are very welcome here!

    I hope your troubles are better.

  10. Dear Pea Princess Alice :) Thank you for the nice words! I don't want to bring up any political issues on my blog pages but I am very much upset with the new rules which you can read here

    In case you grant me a visa to your kingdom, I am packing! ^.^

  11. YES! But first we meet on Saturday @ 11.00 dressed properly XXX

  12. Maider....Masustak18 July 2013 at 09:58

    I hope the problems are arranged and you already are moving to Uk!

    Your bikini is amazing! Have you self-drafted i? Great! I love it! I want to sew a bikini this summer...but I´m not sure about it, I have not enough time!

  13. peaprincessalice18 July 2013 at 10:15

    I understand. I have looked at your link.

    In accordance with your wishes I won't comment except to say I took the life in the UK test. I have lived here forty-seven years and I got nine out of twenty-four. Most of those were guesses.

    I will leave the subject there but I really do wish you all the best.

  14. How fabulous does that japanese voile dress look with a glass of champers in hand, eh? Gosh I love that dress. And what a bright and happy bikini!!! Yellow is such a fabulous colour, and kudos to you for trying your hand at swimwear - it's something I'd love to try this upcoming summer. It looks great! And welcome back :)

  15. This is so cute! I love love LOVE it, and that yellow color is so bright and fun! I just finished the Closet Case Files bombshell swimsuit, and now I'm working on a bikini. I rarely, if ever, make it to the beach since I work so much, but I just love summer so much and I love swimming, so I guess it's kind of wishful thinking, really.

  16. Thanks for spamming!