Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Atomic Dress

Even though it has nothing to do with nuclear power, I am calling it Atomic dress, the second version of my LV dress.


I got this fabric during the Tokyo bloggers' meet-up. We stood in front of the row with photo - print fabric and I pulled out the black roll. It turned out to be very bright and colorful from the other side of the roll. While Chie was standing in line to purchase this fabric, I was itching to get some too. When I asked whether she would mind me getting the same print, she said no. Thank you, Chie!

This dress took me five days (or rather, evenings after work) to sew because of the amount of hand-work: the lining and zipper were attached entirely by hand. Sometimes I regret spending so much time sewing but honestly, I think the end results are worth it!

There are a few interesting details about this dress. The dress is un-hemmed because it is finished with the selvage, and so there is a minimum risk of fraying. Interestingly, each panel was printed on crosswise grain and so I cut it this way. Having said that, I have no idea how this dress will behave after a few washes. Fingers crossed, it won't distort.

Oh, and if you want to know what the hell is depicted on the photo, it's the Kawasaki plant! When browsing on the Net I found a couple of really cool photos of the plant. Check out this Flickr account.

Check out my wings as well! Here,  I am preparing to fly!

And here, I am almost flying! Like Mary Poppins!

OK, enough sillyness for today! I think I'll stop making same dress for now, although I really like it!

Now I am curious: Is there a pattern which you have used more than twice?


  1. Awesome print. Great dress!

  2. That fabric is too cool! Please keep making this dress I love it on you. I don't really like to make the same thing over but definitely have a few blouses that I've made more than twice or more....

  3. Cool dress, the print works really well with that pattern! I've made a few patterns several times, in different fabrics. If I find something that I like that fits well and I feel good in then why not?

  4. Silvia - Sewing Princess8 August 2013 at 19:30

    The fabric is fantastic really and the pattern is just perfect for it. Did you add bust darts or is it totally dartless? I am curious. The Mary Poppins picture is just hilarious! I may pick up on that trend! To answer your question: yes, I have recently made a boatneck top for the third time though I added small variations. I must say that your dress pattern is perfect to be reused again and again!

  5. This is so cool! It looks great on you! The print is so, so fabulous! Let's see... the only patterns I've used three times or more are the Sewaholic Renfrew top and the Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank, both very basic items for everyday wear.

  6. Fabulous dress! Just looking at the style it seems like a great pattern that will look different depending on the fabrics you use. It's a great style on you so don't give it up.

  7. I love it! Yes it is atomic-very simple and arresting. The digital print really looks 3D. Love it all. The original version is super cool too!
    The rotated selvedge use shouldn't be a problem I've used that for a dress made out of panel print and it's still fine after a couple of machine washes on the 'normal' setting.
    Also I had no idea what you were referring to initially when you said wings so I'm gonna say that modification worked well.

  8. Marjorie Trundle9 August 2013 at 02:26

    This dress is perfect for you. I read your other post using the LV fabric and this same pattern and I think it looks so good on you. I do like lovely simple dresses and when you use such fabulous fabric, simple designs work best. I doubt you will have a problem when washing this dress as cross grain cutting rarely affects the structure of a garment in my experience. I am a fan of border printed fabric and have never had a problem washing the finished item.

  9. Mathilde blouse :)

  10. Thanks, Silvia! The pattern I used had a front sweet-heart shaped yoke, plus I added the back yoke too.

  11. Judging from your last blog post, Victoria Blazer can be something you'll make more than once?

  12. Thanks for letting me know about the cross grain cut garments! Phewww! I feel better now and ready to purchase more panel textiles.
    Re: wings are my protruding shoulder blades. I wish I could clone myself a new straight back *sigh*

  13. Holy monkey hats.
    I seriously have no words. Wow!

  14. Great fabric! Here's hoping it will survive the wash - I have faith! My first job was on an industrial site that looked like a scaled down version of your print - so I'm getting flashbacks! hehe :) It's awesome, and yes, it is always totally worth while taking that extra time to do it by hand ;)

  15. what a statement dress, and yet so wearable! knockout!

    i've made a burda mag tank top more times than i can count, in varying lengths. feels like cheating :)

  16. It's a fabulous dress! It looks like a designer dress, you know the sort where the dress was designed to showcase the fabric. The simple design was perfect for the print. I'm sure the beautiful finish is due in part to the hand sewing, so it's worth it:)

  17. Love your dress, Inna !! Wish I could find prints like that in Toulouse!