Thursday, 29 August 2013

Taking self-photos

A couple of times in previous blog posts I've talked (or rather ranted) about the challenge of taking self-photos. In order to learn the best ways of posing, I've read a good deal of articles, talked with friends (photographers) and watched tons of YouTube videos

I certainly don't aspire to become another Coco Rocha, but I would like to tell you how I approach a self-photo.

  • Before I start to take your photos, I try to come up with a character to play during the session. 
  • I generally prefer to take photos outdoors, or at least outside the four walls of my apartment. Very often, a good location can inspire some great pics! I usually take quick snaps with my smartphone and later imagine how I can use this location wisely. 
  • Once I start, I take as many photos as possible, before all of the neighbors or passers-by start asking me for an autograph ;-) On average, I take 50-70 photos out of which only 4 or 5 appear on my blog.
  • I look at my old photos and learn from my past mistakes. One of the things I try to avoid is standing in the very center of the picture. By positioning myself to the side, it looks much more interesting in my opinion. 
  • I like to smile in my photos or, at least, not to look super serious. After all, sewing and bloggins is fun, so why shouldn't taking the pictures be?
  • I draw inspiration from additional elements - some interesting graffiti or architecture, or props like an umbrelala or a flower can become part of the character which I am playing. 
  • Buy a remote! Which I still have not done ;(
Photos are such a big part of our blogs! When I open a blog, the first thing I usually notice is a photo. So it's important to make a good first impression. That does not mean that the content is any less significant, but the visual aspects should go hand-in-hand with the written text. 

Of course, nothing can replace a friend or a partner wich a camera, but when we have no other choice, it's good to learn how to manage the situation by ourselves. 

What are your techniques, tips and tricks for a self-photo session? 


  1. Let's have more photo-taking parties! I want to pose like Coco Rocha ;) Maybe we should bring a fun soundtrack along!

  2. This is really useful - thank you for your top tips! I have a self timer, but a remote may be much better...

  3. Thanks for these tips Inna. I finally got my tripod and my remote so now I just need a finished garment to photograph I'm going to try for some more interesting places for photos rather than just my driveway AND I might even try a smile or two...I'm so going to try for your character trick.

  4. Let's! But it will happen near your house, my neighbors are scared of me now. By the way, I owe you one photo session and would like to pay it back!

  5. Not all cameras have wireless remote. Mine does not, that's why I am still reluctant to buy one.

  6. Your smiling avatar picture on Disqus is so lovely! Please smile more! Cheese :)

  7. snapping shots in NY is SUCH a bear. i've gotta get over it though, my building's alleyway is beyond boring at this point.

    i like to be off center as well. and i've found (through error) that looking directly up into the camera from below gets interesting bodice shots. (my self timer was still running while i was kneeling by the camera :)

  8. Oona, I love your photos, they have lots of character! Do you use a fancy camera? And thanks for the tip!

  9. i use a canon G12, and thanks for the photo love-- i just act like a goofball and cross my fingers! your post inspired me to ask ruggy for help again, and it's paying off in SPADES. so thank you!

  10. This camera has wide angle for beautiful pictures :)