Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sew-along Part II: Cutting the fashion fabric

Leisa posted the second part of our sew-along which you can read here. This post has more than you expected:

1)     MUSLINS - removing seams or using a pattern that don't include them.
2)    SLEEVES - one piece to two and two to three
3)    UNDERLININGS - pros and cons
4)    CUTTING THE FASHION FABRIC - laying out, pining and cutting
5)     REINFORCING - organza for shoulders 
5)    THREAD TRACING - why silk?
6)    LINING - laying out, pining and cutting

Can I call you Leisa - Sewing Encyclopedia? 


  1. Silvia - Sewing Princess15 October 2013 at 10:36

    Whoa! I'm off to read it. Thanks so much for posting

  2. Leila wrote one serious post! I really enjoyed all of the information she shared. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful Sew-Along!

  3. I haven't even passed the list of information because I want to give it well deserved time!