Monday, 18 November 2013

Sew-along Part VII: The fell stitches

I hope you all sаw Leisa's last post of the sew-along where she explainеd how to trim the fashion fabric and lining and how to pin the two layers of lining together prior to hand-stitching. In addition, she made two great videos.

Fell stitching is used to join two layers of fabric from the right side. Besides attaching two pieces of fabric together, it is often used for appliquée. Being a very strong and secure stitch, the fell stitch is also almost invisible. If you practice it for a while, fell-stitching will become your best friend. If you don't believe me, ask Melanie!

I was supposed to made a video as well, which I did, but the result was pretty blurry. Nevertheless, I decided to post it especially if you are, like Leisa and I. more of a visual learner.

The video is not of a super quality and some parts of it are blurry. In case you did not understand how to fell-stitch, here are the steps.

1. Position your work with the piece of fabric on top closer to you.

2. Start by inserting the needle between the layers and run it so that it emerges on the fold of the top layer.

3. Then insert the needle into the bottom layer of the fabric, as close as possible to where it came out on the top layer.

4. Repeat the steps.

The length of the stitches should not be very long. I did not measure them but it's something like 10-15mm. It's also suggested that your fell stitches are shorter at the neckline and cuffs.

If you still have question about fell stitching, please do let me or Leisa know!

Happy stitching!


  1. Janice Sewsathome20 November 2013 at 17:56

    Thanks for the info on fell stitching. The video was great and I love the way you finished off the line of stitching, very clean. I am not sure I understand where to start and stop. Do I fell stitch from the thread tracing lines on the wool or extend them beyond the hem/seam allowance?

  2. Hi Janice! I am sorry if my explanation was confusing (or rather lack of explanation). We use the fell stitch to join pieces of lining together and also to attach the lining to the fashion fabric at the neckline, cuffs and hem. If you go back to Leisa's last post , you will see how she pinned the lining to get ready for fell stitching. Once you get to this stage, use the fell stitch.

  3. I just watched you video on Youtube and happen to run across your blog by chance, I am glad I did :-) Thanks for the photo instructions.