Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sew-along Part X: Pockets!

Dear sew-along followers! I apologize again for the belated post. Due to some complications with accommodation, during the last two weeks I lived lived in three different places and, as you can imagine, sewing was not easy in such conditions.

Now, the very last post of our sew-along about the pockets:

If you decided to make pockets, it's always a good idea to cut a paper pattern and play around with their placements on your jacket. Once you've decided on placement, number of pockets and their size, you can start sewing them from fabric.

When it comes to the pockets' construction, you can use either your sewing machine or stitch them by hand.

Sewing by machine is a very straightforward process: sew the fashion fabric and lining right sides together, leaving an opening at the bottom or side edge. Then, turn the pocket right side out and hand- stitch the opening.

To stitch your pockets by hand, turn the seam allowances of the fashion fabric and lining to the wrong side, press them and join them using fell stitches. Do not forget to reinforce the upper corners, especially if you are going to use the pockets and not have them only for decorative purposes.

You will end up with something like this. I used a scrap of my fashion fabric and a piece of muslin as lining to make it visually more appealing.

Right side
Wrong side
Fell stitches
The next step is to add the trim and buttons.

If your button is too heavy and distorts the look of the pocket, you can sew it through the jacket provided your pockets are purely decorative.

 If you are going to use the pockets, add a snap placing it inside each pocket.

Now you are ready!

Source: style.com

Source: TMagazine
Please don't be shy to show off your jackets either giving your blog's link in the comment or posting them on our Flickr group!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sew-along Part IX: Jacket adornments

First off, apologies for the delayed post which I meant to do on Monday. Life has been very stressful since I moved to London (and especially during last few days) and I am wondering whether it was a good decision to move here.

But this is not about my personal circumstances, but about the final touches that we are applying to our Little Black Jacket.

After Leisa's detailed post about the finishing touches to the jacket, I have nothing to add but to show off my jacket to you!

Like Leisa, I prefer to buy my trims once the jacket is ready. So you can bring it to the shop and play around with different trims. I bought my trim during my last days in Tokyo in my favorite shop , Cotton Field in Kichijoji, with Angela from Sake Puppets.

I had one type of trim in mind, but when we came there it was sold out. Since the jacket is black and I do not wear much black, I decided to add some sparkles to it. In my opinion, this trim adds a bit of  a festive mood to the strict look of the LBJ.

I bought the chain in Kleins, in Soho. They have a nice selection of chains of various colours and weight. Since I stitched the lining very close to the edge of the hem, the chain is attached at the very bottom of the jacket, giving it a nice shape. I used 1metre of chain and sewed every link with double polyester thread.

But the most interesting part of the jacket for me is still the lining: warm and colourful, it cheers me up!

I also decided not to add hooks; I will always keep my jacket unbuttoned. Also, I've omitted to sew the trim to the bottom edge of the jacket in order to avoid it being too bling-bling. I might add pockets when my boxes arrive from Japan :) But in any case, next Monday I'll show how to attach pockets. So stay tuned!

In addition, I must praise once again the wonderful wool from Linton Tweeds! You have no idea how soft and thin, but at the same time warm my jacket is!

I hope you enjoyed the sew-along with Leisa and I . I have to say a big thank you to Leisa who has been providing us with invaluable information throughout! She helped me so much while I was moving from Japan. Please show off your jackets either on our Flickr group or add links to your blogs! Until next time…!