Friday, 28 February 2014

Project Sewn: sew-along vote!

Isn't it amazing to use Project Sewn as an opportunity to submit my favourite dress of 2013?

This dress encompasses everything about my personal style: a bold design, bright colours, utilizing pattern making skills and couture stitching to produce a high quality, unique, comfortable and versatile garment.

Please, vote for the dress if you like it!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hand-sewing experiments

It's been a while since I took the time to sew a garment using hand-stitching. So in order to get back practicing different stitches, I have decided to take on a simple project and sew it entirely by hand.

Yesterday, I spent some time to evaluate my current wardrobe to see where the gaps were. It turned out that I lack tops! Although I am trying to integrate more feminine garments into my daily wear, most of my tops are still t-shirts :-/

When consulting BurdaStyle for suggestions, it offered me plenty, but I have chosen the following two:


The first is a very simple blouse with interesting front and back shaping darts. The second one, with dolman sleeves, is even simpler in construction. 

I have started working on the dolman sleeve top because, in my opinion, it has less room for error. This velvet came with me all the way from Japan and was not too expensive in case I screw it up. 

Now, in terms of techniques, I'll finish all of the edges with French seams, and probably go for a plain wider hem in order for the top to hang nicely. Fingers crossed, it'll really work out. After I've completed this top, I'll make the other one in silk. 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Another brick in the wardrobe

This is my second take on the Alpi Chinos from Named patterns, and the result is more satisfactory. This time, I used medium-weight orange cotton purchased in MacCulloch & Wallis.

I cut a size 40 again and raised the crotch by 0.7cm. For this pair, I also enlarged the side and back pockets in order to accommodate my gigantic hands more easily. These trousers sit snug and comfortable against my body because, compared with the previous pair, they are made from thicker and non-stretch fabric. And now I want to make another pair in red denim!

When I was searching for suitable fabric samples in the shop, this playful brick-coloured cotton caught my eye immediately. Given that I've never owned any orange garments, I am not quite sure whether this colour suits me. Maybe I can try to wear these trousers with soft colours and little by little get used to it. In any case, I am not giving up!

What about you? What is your approach to wearing new colours?