Monday, 26 May 2014

Comfort sewing: Ann T-top

After more than one month off sewing I have finally finished this simple top from Style Arc. The first thing I did after moving to a new apartment in Dublin 10 days ago was to assemble my sewing corner. And although most of the things are still on the floor, I managed to find a bit of space to cut fabric for this pattern and sew it together.

Ann T-top is one of the dozen Style Arc patterns which I ordered together with their Professional Pattern Club membership before leaving Japan. I loved making their patterns in the past: the Danni Dolman dress and Jessica dress were a real pleasure to work with.

This top came as a free pattern with an order. I have to say that as much as the cutting and assembling process was easy and enjoyable, the general look of the t-shirt is not very flattering. The side ruching, described as hiding "a multitude of sins, has in fact created them. It made my abdominal area look weird and unattractive. Or have I already gained such a cute beer belly drinking Guinness?

As much as I was skeptical about investing time in sewing t-shirts, I would repeat the experience with Anne T-top. But if I do, I would change a couple of things:

  • avoid the ruching since it really does not add anything to the silhouette.  Some of the reviewers on are of the same opinion, saying that the pattern did not work for them although was great for beginners;
  • add length to the pattern. The top turned out to be so short that I did not even hem it which is fine because the fabric does not ravel. 

I should also re-read Gillian's Lazy tips for sewing with knits where she addresses many issues that may arise for "woven sewers" like me.

P.S. Guys, I am finally settled! I want to scream out of joy! Even if I do not have a dedicated sewing room and even if Dublin is on average 10 degrees colder than any other place I lived, I have a home and, from now on, I can continue my sewing journey. And even if the moving company, which brought my boxes from London to Dublin, lost two of them with some of my sewing supplies, I am still happy because I will be able to travel to other places in Europe and not only replenish my stock but also meet with sewing community here.

There are so many things I want to tell you about! More to come!