Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Floor-Duster wrap coat or a Windling's coat :)

In one of my posts, I talked about trends and how long it tends to take me to adopt one. This year, though, one of the hot trends has coincided with a hot dream of mine: a floor-duster wrap coat. Since my late teens, I have been dreaming about a long, almost floor-length, wrap coat, which would envelope me like a cocoon. No fasteners, no buttons, just an oversized coat with a belt. Oh, and a pair of pockets! Is there anything better than feeling comfortable and warm on a cold day? Maybe the addition of a cup of hot chocolate/tea/coffee/whiskey/Bloody Mary (replace with your favourite drink)

Last year, when I lived in London, during one of my raids of the Berwick street’s fabric shops, I saw a bolt of double side wool, which completely blew my mind. The right side contained fibres some of which were only partly woven into the fabric, and they created a super cool and edgy look. The other side was absolutely smooth and I loved the proper look of it, compared to the crazy right side. The moment I saw the fabric, my imagination had pictured the wrap coat of my dreams. Unfortunately,  the coat did not happen immediately after the purchase, because I moved to Ireland, and then many things happened, and then the fabric ended up somewhere in the middle of my gargantuan stash. This fabric was re-discovered during my move to a new apartment and I decided to use it as soon as an opportunity presented itself.

I am using the pattern from the January BurdaStyle issue. Although it is featured as a long coat with contrast binding, I omitted the binding, lengthened the coat by as much as my fabric allowance let me. Reading the pattern reviews, I knew that it included huge seam allowances, but I wanted to keep it oversized, as a fashion statement. So I cut a size 38 without adding seam allowances(don’t forget that Burda patterns do not include them). I did not want to add any lining. As simple as that.

One thing, which surprised me was a very high vent placement, but the realization why it was so came only after I cut and basted the coat together. With the end of autumn and its crispy mornings, I find this coat cozy, even though it's not tailored, and makes me look like a wildling. The trends may come and go, but this coat will remain with me for a while.

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