Sunday, 21 August 2016

A productive rainy weekend and a KnipMode pinafore

Would you be surprised if I told you that it rains a lot in Ireland? Especially in winter and spring. And autumn... And, sometimes, in summer...Last spring was particularly rainy, I wished I was in Spain! It was cold and miserable, and I did not feel like going out at all. One rainy weekend of last April, I ended up spending 48 hours indoors, but I set myself a goal to make this time productive.

When I got hold of the March issue of KnipMode, the Dutch sewing magazine, which attracted me with the amount of amazing everyday garments, this this pinafore became my absolute favourite. So I made it! I used 1.7 metres of very soft stretchy denim, the exact amount provided in the pattern instructions. I know how KnipMode patterns work, as I used them before. I cut a straight size 36 and added seam allowances. Remember, KnipMode is just like BurdaStyle does not provide seam allowances for their patterns!

Maybe because of the weather, or maybe because I was really inspired to wear this apron-dress as soon as possible, I had absolutely no problems with it. Not a single ripped seam! To make the inside part of the dress as neat as the outside, I used the flat felled seam and bias binding tape in order to hide all the raw edges. Look at how well this turned out!

A few words about the pinafore’s construction. Besides the front bib, which has a pocket, big enough to fit a smartphone, I love the back of the skirt! It’s like a reverse wrap skirt! It is especially comfortable for riding my bike. Skirt pockets are not included in the construction and now I regret not adding them. Otherwise, this pinafore is perfect! The pattern also offers another variation of this dress, but without the bib, and it turns into a skirt.

I also liked how the KnipMode stylists paired this dress with a stripy t-shirt: and I had a perfect pattern for this in mind too! I used the Style Arc Ann T-top pattern, which I used once before. The original pattern features side ruching, which I did not like. Also, the previous t-shirt ended up being too short for me. This said, when I worked on it during last weekend, I omitted the ruching and added a couple of centimetres to the hem, and it turned out to be a cute top. Check the stripe matching! The knit fabric I used for the t-shirt, has been sitting in my stash for years, and I am so glad I unearthed it! There’s enough fabric for three more tops: one with short sleeves and two with long.

After finishing both garments I was still on fire, so I chose to trace the patterns, which I have lined up for my further spring sewing: midi-skirt, top, maxi-dress and jumpsuit. Now, I am waiting until I find both time and inspiration on another rainy weekend in Dublin, which will not take long! :)

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