Thursday, 18 May 2017

Another KnipMode dress

Since my last post in December my life took so many different turns that I could write a book about it. One day I will write about some of them, but for now let me focus on a dress, I made last autumn.

Since 2014 I have been reducing my purchases of BurdaStyle magazine in favour of KnipMode. There is no need to describe my love towards KnipMode once again, however, my interest in BurdaStyle has diminished due to the lack of originality of their designs and repeated patterns. Having said that, I actually own enough BurdaStyle issues to keep me busy until the end of my life! Why am I complaining? :)

This new dress is from a 2011 issue. I cut the size 36, but still had to take off a centimetre from each side to make it less baggy. I used some lovely batik, bought in Bali many years ago, to make the top part of the dress and paired it with soft light denim for the skirt, which originally was meant to become a pair of jeans. I applied a regular coil zipper to the back, instead of an invisible one: I think it looks nice and it matches the colour of the batik. The only difference between this and the original design is the absence of the sewn-in belt, which I did not particularly like anyway.

All in all, there are absolutely no issues to report, when it comes to this dress, except that it’s very nice to wear :) Maybe next time I make something from KnipMode, I’ll cut patterns a size smaller.

Since I often talk about sizes, I added some of my measurements to my About page, so you can compare and understand better, when I talk about them.

Height: 177cm
Bust: 86 cm
Waist: 73 cm
Hips: 100
Shoulder width: 14 cm

Arm length: 60 cm

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