Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Transformative Chiang Mai

Hi everyone!

Last 1.5 month have been very busy and emotionally charged: I took an intensive yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai and during this time most of my energy and attention were turned inwards, although I occasionally shared some pictures on Instagram. Now I am ready to tell more.

I became certified yoga teacher in 2015 and has been teaching since. Teaching helped me cope with my then stressful office job and gave me another purpose than just reaching revenue targets. More than that, seeing my students evolve in their practice was the best reward! And so the more I taught, the more I felt in my element, and consequently I decided to step away from the corporate world and to become a full time yoga teacher. And as soon as I found this advanced training for yoga teachers on the Internet, I knew that I would quit my job before the training begins. That’s how it all started and brought me to Chiang Mai!

Ganesha - my favourite!

View from our shala


Me being silly

Me being upside down
Me being a ladder

Ayurvedic cooking

All the amazing spices

And voila, the meal!
First of all, the training was more than I wished for! My teachers, Jonas Westring (anatomy and asana), Carlos Pomeda (philosophy) and Balaram Chandra (Ayurveda) not only shared their knowledge, but enamoured me with each discipline in the way that made me want to start my teaching practice immediately and share my love for yoga with others. Having this said, I feel that I know so little, that I have to study more and more!

During the training a new feeling enveloped me: longing for a home. A place, where I would come back to and feel safe. When I left Ireland in early August, I had no idea how long my journey would last and which country would become my next home. Believe me or not, but during this training many things have crystallized inside me, including my next destination and approximate time of my return! And because I listened more to what Universe was “telling me”, a few other things manifested themselves to help me advance further on my path.

300-hour YTT group

Originally, after my yoga teacher training I wanted to go to Australia and Oceania and travel there for a few months. But during last days of the training, I felt the urge to continue learning and expanding my knowledge of bodywork and spirituality, as the time and my physical and mental predispositions seemed right. Instead of spending money simply travelling, I would rather invest it into education. A couple days ago I started to learn Thai massage, after which I'll leave Thailand and make a short stop in Singapore. Next year, I'll continue learning Thai massage and will stay 26 days practicing Vipassana in one of the oldest temples in Chiang Mai. Sounds exciting to me!

What about you? Did Universe tell you anything lately?