Tuesday, 4 June 2019


Hi dear long-time readers and fellow sewists (I believe that's the term which was coined by the community, otherwise correct me if I am wrong).

I published my last post on this blog 16 months ago. Since then, I finished my self-discovery travels, moved to Berlin, tried to run a business with little success, got a job in a start-up and left it after a few month. Currently I am looking for a new job again but also trying to figure out how to use my skills to earn a living in a more creative and satisfactory way. Most likely, I will leave Berlin and Germany too. Overall, the road I took was uneven and bumpy, even if full of sunlight, supportive friends and amazing encounters but all in all it was worth quitting my comfortable lifestyle of a corporate exec and diving into real life. 

Over these last two years my perspective on how I live, what I give and receive, and obviously what I sew and wear have changed. With this in mind I decided to give my blog a new life, posting not only sewing-related topics but also discussing things which I consider interesting to share, like my favourite books or my travel experiences. 

If you want to ask me a question don't be shy, I will be happy to answer.