Tuesday, 4 June 2019


Hi dear long-time readers and fellow sewists (I believe that's the term which was coined by the community, otherwise correct me if I am wrong).

I published my last post on this blog 16 months ago. Since then, I finished my self-discovery travels, moved to Berlin, tried to run a business with little success, got a job in a start-up and left it after a few month. Currently I am looking for a new job again but also trying to figure out how to use my skills to earn a living in a more creative and satisfactory way. Most likely, I will leave Berlin and Germany too. Overall, the road I took was uneven and bumpy, even if full of sunlight, supportive friends and amazing encounters but all in all it was worth quitting my comfortable lifestyle of a corporate exec and diving into real life. 

Over these last two years my perspective on how I live, what I give and receive, and obviously what I sew and wear have changed. With this in mind I decided to give my blog a new life, posting not only sewing-related topics but also discussing things which I consider interesting to share, like my favourite books or my travel experiences. 

If you want to ask me a question don't be shy, I will be happy to answer. 


  1. I've been partially following your travels on Instagram (I only get on instagram every now and then). What has been your favorite part of the trip so far? And what do you see yourself sewing now that you didn't before?

    1. Hi Emily! Sorry for the late reply: since I changed the blog template I've been having problems with comments. Thanks for stopping by! My favourite part of the trip was the the whole trip. Every part of it was so special and made such an impact on me that I cannot separate these eight months into different events. The pomegranate farm in the desert, North of Israel, yoga training, Vipassana: they all played a special part.

      Since I now live in in Germany and not in Ireland, I need more clothes adapted to the continental climate. Also, after not wearing my regular clothes for such a long time, I realised that my taste has changed as well as my personality. One of the big changes will be adding more solid colours to my wardrobe.

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