Little French Jacket Sew-Along: Announcement (Thewallinna)
Bonjour! A Little French Jacket Sew-Along anyone?  (Leisa)
LFJ sew-along: schedule and supplies!
Let's talk about sew-along fabric! (Leisa)
Four Season theory or What colours suit you? (Thewallinna)

Sew-along Part I: Muslin (Thewallinna)
Sew-along Part II: Cutting the fashion fabric (Leisa)
Sew-along Part III: Quilting (Thewallinna) + some additional information by Leisa
Sew-along Part IV: Basting, sleeve matching and first fitting by Leisa
Sew-along Part V: Fitting, muslin correction and extra sleeve patterns by Leisa
Sew-along Part VI: Trimming, seams and lining by Leisa
Sew-along Part VIIL The fell stitches  by Thewallinna
Sew-along Part VIII: Sleeve insertion by Leisa
Sew-along Part IX: Trim, hooks, sleeve vent, chain and buttons by Leisa
Sew-along Part IX: Jacket adornments by Thewallinna