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Oh, Ramallah!

When I was on the bus heading to Ramallah, I did not know what to expect upon my arrival. I refused to check images of the city on Google Image in advance, so I could discover everything by myself, without any spoilers. And I was very pleasantly surprised!

Ramallah is such a vibrant and animated city with very dynamic nightlife. Not the image influenced by articles about the West Bank in the media, focusing on poverty, misery, despair, suffering. I saw many new cars on the roads, many people eating out in nice restaurants and hanging out in bars, a lot of new building developments and roads, which stands for certain economical progres. I left Ramallah three days later, overpowered with the feeling of joy, happiness, hope and excitement about the city and its inhabitants. No, three days are not enough and being a tourist is not living the local life, but I did not detect this complete hopelessness as in some places in South-East Asia, for example. Hope! This is the word I would associa…

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