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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Soma is hot this summer!

I've  decided to sew a swimsuit because:
  • all the swimwear I like costs more than I am ready to pay;
  • there is a poor swimsuit selection where I live;
  • I hate the process of trying swimwear on in fitting rooms; 
  • my old one-piece swimsuit has just celebrated its 7th anniversary;
  • I wanted to sew a cool swimsuit!

My doubts about purchasing this pattern disappeared when a friend said:"Hurry up! The summer will end in no time!".  

The pattern is the Soma swimsuit by Papercut Patterns: the sexiest and the trendiest swimwear pattern out there at the moment! If you know anything cuter, more flattering and easy to sew, give me a shout.

When it comes to the sizing, I find that Papercut Pattern adds a rather generous ease. With this in mind, I cut a size XXS for both top and bottom, although according to their size chart my upper body measurements corresponds to a S and the lower part would be a M. As the result, the swimsuit fits well enough.

Both the lycra and the lining come from the Okadaya, one of my favourite craft shops in Tokyo, where I bought it last summer. Due to the fabric's thickness and one additional layer of lining, I could feel the bulk in some areas, particularly around the waist. I wish I knew some tips to eliminate the bulkiness. Anyone?

When I started researching online sources for the fold-over elastic (FOE) and bra strapping, it turned out that I would be better off making my own than having them shipped to Ireland. Most US websites' estimated shipping added up to $50 and UK sites offered a mere £20! Instead of making tons of silly purchases to justify spending $50 on shipping, it took me less than one hour and some self fabric to produce 3 metres of straps!

I used this tutorial, Method 1, for the straps. As for the FOE, I cut a 3cm wide strip of fabric on the crosswise grain and sewed together folding in two, as if I had made a wide spaghetti strap.

I really like the high rise bottom part and how it hugs my body. Last weekend I have baptized it in the Irish Sea! Good news though, the swimsuit did not fall off in the sea!

By the way, the Papercut Collective girls are in the midst of running a Soma tutorial. So hurry up and buy your fabric and supplies because it may ran out: everybody needs a Soma!