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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mad for stripes!

Just as there are "cat" and "dog" people, I believe there are "dots" and "stripes" people, and I am the latter. Although I do occasionally wear clothed with polka dots, stripes occupy a special place in my heart. Slightly more than a metre of stripy fabric and an ultra simple pattern transformed into a super cozy and comfortable dress.

This project start from a Burda pattern. When I first saw the pattern in the magazine, Idid not pay too much attention to it because I was interested in more sophisticated designs. Now the situation has changed slightly; because I am cycling everywhere, I want to combine and elegant look but at the same time feel comfortable. The other day I was leafing through a pile of Burda magazines hunting for a "comfy glamorous cyclist look. And there it is!

The Chill Dres is a V-neck drew which features only two pattern pieces: front and back. I was drawn to the pattern because it curves at the waist and flows along my body without being too tight or baggy. I sewed a size 38 without any changes.

Having read reviews by other seamstresses who had made the same dress, I noticed they expressed frustration with the sleeves. They pointed out that the side seams finish below the bust line, thus causing the wearer to show some skin than they might have intended to! Well, it did not put me off cutting the pattern without modifying the side seam. When I wear this dress, I put a simple skin colour tube top underneath and it resolves the issue. Also, it creates amazing ventilation when I cycle and sweat does not leave any stains on it. And besides, if someone wants to look at my armpits, good luck to them! Who cares!?

I like this dress so much that I have decided to make more versions of it. A couple of cuts of knit fabric from my stash will be happy!

While writing this post, I realized that Heather from Closet Case Files recently came up with a similar look but with the Coco dress. As they say, great minds think alike :)