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The Golan Heights adventures

Apologies for not being very active on my blog. If you are interested to follow my adventures, please check my Instagram, where I post daily. And here’s the latest update!

When I came to the Negev in August, the original plan was to stay there until the end of October, but two weeks ago I happened to relocate to the Golan Heights. It’s not that I did not enjoy my time in the desert or the work I was doing. On the contrary! I did a lot! But it was my curiosity about seeing more of Israel that pushed me to leave the farm. With this in mind, I sent out a few volunteering application and was recruited by the hostel Golan Garden in the heart of the Golan Heights, Katzrin.

My new experience differs in many ways from the previous one. First of all, instead of sand there’s lots of water around: the Galilean sea is only one-hour drive, multiple waterfalls, rivers and streams are walking distance. Secondly, I feel extremely grateful for the trees, casting lovely shades everywhere. In some places,…

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