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Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer casualwear : Nettie bodysuit and Origami skirt

To bring you up to speed with my unblogged projects, I'll start with this casual pair.

Heather from Closet Case File knew what she did when she released her Nettie bodysuit because everybody needs one! I don't like to tuck my tops in. But a bodysuit - it's another story: it would stay perfectly in place whatever your body movements are!

I decided to go with the low back variation in size 4. Although, according to the measurements, I should be a size 6, my fabric had enough stretch to fit into a 4. I did not make any adjustments but I wish the armholes were located slightly lower.  Next time I would redraft and position them lower by approximately 3 cm. The armholes are not tight or anything but you can clearly see from pictures that my biceps don't fit the armhole which creates wrinkles. But, hey, I should have muslined it beforehand!

For this Nettie, I did not add bra cups but used super-duper adhesive bra cups from Women's Secret. I bought them when I studied in Barcelona in 2003 and they still work, I swear! On average, I use them once or twice a year and clean after each wear. I don't know how they work for girls with bigger breasts but for my 34A they do wonders and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys dresses with opened backs.
Magic adhesive bra cups!

Sewing the Nettie with a low back, I had to overcome another personal hang-up : a scar left after heart surgery. This scar contributed to so many complexes and feelings of un-femininity that when I was a teenager I never kept my back straight let alone wear a dress with opened back. Now I really don't care!

Last month, I had the honour of meeting the adorable Maria, a.k.a Velosewer, who stopped in Dublin overnight on her way to the Northern Ireland. Seriously, bloggers' generosity knows no bounds: Maria brought me some knit fabric all the way from Sydney! The fabric is a medium-weight knit, very soft and drapes nicely. As soon as I sew it, I knew which pattern I'd use it for: the Origami skirt by Klein Format. The Origami skirt #1, which I sewed from a woven fabric in the past, became a real staple in my wardrobe.

I enjoy sewing casual outfits, especially for the very practical reasons: since I moved to Dublin, I cycle everywhere and, let's be honest, pencil skirts are not super practical for biking. So I decided to alternate: cycle one week and wear more casual clothes, then walk to work on another week in fancy dresses.

Does your lifestyle/commute also dictate what you wear?